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Reviews & Testimonials from Tax Clients:

  • "That is excellent news.  Thanks for all your good work and representation" (Husband).  "And may I add Woo hoo!  Thanks Drew!"  (wife)  Tax Clients.

  • "It is too bad that I didn�t have someone like [Drew] originally help on this versus the accountant who caused all of this mess. Not only would I have received the correct refund � I would have saved me years of stress and feeling like I was never going to get this resolved and the IRS would come after my assets.  Thanks again for your tenacity in getting this done."  A Tax Client.

  • "The best decision I ever made!"  A Tax Client. 

  • "After meeting with Andrew and providing all of my personal details, he took the front line in conversing with the IRS. He was able to keep the lines of communication going while providing me time to respond. He reviewed all of the data and when errors were found he was able to get those corrected with the IRS while moving our case forward. Really took a lot of worry off my shoulders with his knowledge and responsiveness."  A Tax Client (From Avvo.com - 2012).

  • "Thank you for your support throughout this process - we're really pleased with the conclusion, and the process was relatively easy for us with your help."  A Tax Client (Tax Audit 2012)

  • That�s great news, excellent work!"  A Tax Client.

  • "

    I had a tax issue where about half of my income was received from work done in Canada. Mr. Wyman worked with the appropriate agencies in both countries and completely resolved all of my issues. When all was said and done, I received a refund. Awesome. Thanks Andrew." 
    (From Avvo.com - 2012).

  • "We received a letter from the IRS stating that we owed an additional $20,000. It was a complicated mess related to investments being transferred due to a death in the family. Drew was able to wrap his brain around the problem and was able to write a letter to the IRS explaining the situation and got our liability reduced to $1,300. He s a great guy, easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him anytime."  (From Yahoo Local Seattle - 2012).

  • "And thank you for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you as well."  A Tax Client.

  • "Thanks, Drew.  More (unbelievably) than the money, we appreciate not having the stress of having to deal with the IRS.  We will certainly refer you to anyone we know in the future should they have similar troubles.  Who'da thunk dealing with that sum of money would be so easy?  Thanks again."  A Tax Client.


  • "Awesome! Pleasure working with you! We�ll definitely keep you in mind for our future legal needs."  A Tax Client.

  • "Thank you Drew for the excellent service. Hopefully I won�t need you again."  A Tax Client.

  • "Thank you for your assistance in taking care of this problem . . . At least there aren't any [more] for 2005.  Yippee!"  A Tax Client.

  • "Thanks a lot for your services in bringing this to a close."  A Tax Client.

  • "I appreciate all you've done to help me with this, particularly with a client that never stays put in one place.  Your patience is greatly appreciated!"  A Tax Client.

  • "Drew, thanks again for your help with my taxes, once again you worked your magic and my faith in your abilities was rewarded."  A Tax Client. 

  • "We are pleased with the decision and very much appreciate your service."  A Tax Client

  • "Great news � thank you for the update � and thank you for your help with this."  A Tax Client.

  • "Very effective. Used services twice. First time got me a refund of roughly $500 instead of the payment and penalty of about $14K that IRS had assessed on my return. Second time, I had to pay only about 200 dollars as he worked with the IRS to get the penalty waived. I used my legal insurance and he never asked me for any more money than whatever the legal insurance paid him.Highly recommended."  (From Judysbook.com Seattle - 2012).

  • "Yeah!!  Thanks for taking care of this for me.  I did not realize how complicated this was.  I would have been lost without you."  A Tax Client.

  • "So the outcome is that we owe the IRS an additional $352.00?  Awesome Drew!!!  Fire away and thank you so much!"  A Tax Client (approving final settlement).

  • "That�s great Drew! Thank you for all your help."  A Tax Client.

  • "Awesome � appreciate the prompt help. Thanks again, Andrew!"  A Tax Client.

  • "I have enlisted the services of Andrew Wyman many times over the past 8 years for tax issues.  I have no hesitations in giving him 5 stars here on Yelp -- "As good as it gets!" is perfectly applicable.  Honesty, integrity, compassion, concern -- these are all hallmarks of Drew's practice.  But the part you are really concerned with is his remarkable ability to generate a pleasantly surprising refund from seemingly gloomy circumstances.  I HIGHLY recommend Drew, even if you don't realize you have tax problems."  A Tax Client (From Yelp.com - 2011).

  • "Thank you Drew for follow up. I am excited that this is closed."  A Tax Client.

  • "Thanks very much.  This makes me feel relieved.  :-D"  A Tax Client.

  • "Many thanks, Drew! This is great news."  A Tax Client.

  • "This is Super News.  It was a pleasure working with you as well. Thanks for all the help (and answers to my noob questions) throughout the process."

  • "Thanks for your response and all your help with this issue."  A Tax Client.

  • "We were very relieved that this did not turn into that larger problem! We thank you so very much for resolving this
    correctly & very quickly!'  A Tax Client.

  • "Thank you again for your help and understanding thru this process, I am sure I could not have lasted this long on my own, so I do so appreciate your help all along the way."  A Tax Client.

  • "It was a pleasure to work with you, I found you to be very responsive and self driven."  A Tax Client (2011 Audit Reconsideration).

  • "Thank you very much for your help.  We did receive the refund."  A Tax Client.

  • "I truly appreciate all your help with this issue.  You took a very grave situation for me and made it tolerable.  I will certainly recommend your services to any of my colleagues who find themselves in a similar situation (God forbid)."  A Tax Client.

  • "I really appreciate how quickly you got this first step resolved. It would have been a terrible way to spend the weekend waiting for word from the IRS. THANK YOU!"  A Tax Client.

  • "What a relief!  Thank you so much for representing me on this matter."  A Tax Client.

  • "Great news, thanks Drew! It was great to have someone that clearly knows the ins and outs of tax laws and IRS issues in our area!"  A Tax Client.

  • "Thanks for your services and it was a pleasure working with you too."  A Tax Client.

  • "We've had the opportunity to work with Mr. Wyman on few occasions, and were pleased with his professionalism and ability to explain the process in easily understood terms. Both times we worked with Mr. Wyman we experienced successful outcomes."  Chris (From Avvo.com - 2012).

  • "We are in agreement on all issues.  Thank you for an outstanding job on this project!!"  A Tax Client.

  • "Fantastic! Thanks for your awesome help in getting this resolved."  A Tax Client.

  • "Fantastic!  That is great news!  Thank you for all your assistance in this matter."  A Tax Client.

  • "Wow!!!  That�s awesome news, Drew!!!  I�m stunned! And, even better, the check arrived today to our complete surprise?!  MANY, many thanks for all your hard work and especially your patience to get this sorted out!  We both really appreciate it!"  A Tax Client.

  • "Thanks for taking on my (hopefully simple) case with the IRS. I appreciate your willingness to respond prior to the date suggested by the IRS, and your knowledge of this scenario! I�m glad I found the right guy."  A Tax Client.

  • "Awesome!  Looks good! Regarding the abatement.  Thank you Drew for your work here!"  A Tax Client.

  • "Everything is cleared up and the whole affair is complete.  Thank you for your very professional and efficient work."  A Tax Client.

  • "Thanks for handling that, Drew.  The liens have been released and the balance waived."  A Tax Client.

  • "We are very happy with the outcome and the help you provided."  A Tax Client.

  • "Andrew is beyond professional and knowledgeable. He was very responsive on all of my questions, phone calls and other concerns I had during the process and was able to take away a majority of the anxiety I was experiencing because of it. His knowledge and calmness were reassuring. Step by step he helped me through the process to a successful outcome. Thanks!"  A Tax Client (From Avvo.com - 2012).

  • "Both my husband and I our attorneys who are not in the tax or estate planning field. Any time we have a friend, relative or client who needs an estate planning or tax attorney, we refer them to Mr. Wyman. He has helped us out on our personal tax issues and all of our referrals have reported very satisfactory results. The consistent comment that we have received is that Mr. Wyman is timely, provides solid advice, and bills reasonably and appropriately in addition to outstanding results."  A Tax Client (From Avvo.com - 2012).

  • "Awesome, thanks!"  A Tax Client (after receiving notice that $17,000 refund was approved).


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